Evolution of CMC

  • February, 1982
    John F. Noonan & Donald C. Graves, JR. incorporate Confidential Management Services, Inc. (CMS) to provide financial planning to corporate employees
  • June, 1983
    Confidential Management Financial Services, inc. (CMFS) an NASD Broker Dealer was incorporated to provide financial products in conjunction with CMS activities
  • June, 1986
    John F. Noonan becomes sole owner of CMC Companies
  • July, 1988
    John Noonan incorporates Confidential Management Planning Services (CMPS), an SEC registered RIA to provide investment advisory services in conjunction with CMS & CMFS activities
  • April, 1989
    Craig M. Adams joins the Confidential Management Companies (CMC) to develop asset allocation systems and financial forecasting models for deployment with clients and associates of CMC
  • September, 1989
    Ford Motor Company selects CMPS to provide retirement forecasting models to Ford employees at World headquarters and in plants across the U.S.
  • October, 1997
    Ford Motor Company selects CMPS as one of three initial organizations to participate in a new company benefit program providing financial planning and personal resource management services to key executives worldwide
  • May, 1999
    Craig Adams & John Noonan start the Ficast Corporation to develop an internet based platform to manage the business activities and compliance requirements of the CMC companies
  • April, 2000
    John Noonan & Craig Adams become joint owners of the CMC Companies
  • September, 2009
    CMPS name is changed to Confidential Management Advisors, Inc, (CMAI)
  • October, 2011
    Ficast registers with the SEC as an investment advisor to provide its financial forecast modeling capabilities
    to clients of legal, accounting and financial professionals